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Cinema in Dublin

The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Phone: (0818) 304 204

Cineworld on Parnell Street, Dublin, is not just a cinema; it’s a cinematic wonderland. Boasting one of the largest screens in Ireland and the first-ever 4DX experience in the country, this multiplex redefines the movie-watching experience. The venue’s commitment to diversity is unparalleled, showcasing everything from Hollywood blockbusters to indie films and Bollywood hits. But what truly sets Cineworld apart is its dedication to creating a vibrant movie community. From special screenings and premieres to engaging film clubs, it’s a place where cinema enthusiasts can connect, celebrate, and share their passion for the silver screen. Cineworld Parnell Street is where innovation, diversity, and a love for movies come together to create a unique cinematic destination.

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