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Dublin Emergency Contacts and Safety Information

Whether you’re a Dublin resident or a visitor, knowing local emergency numbers is vital. Here’s essential information from our MrDublinGuide website:.

Emergency Numbers:
In Dublin, if you require any emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade, or an ambulance, dial 112 or 999. (In Ireland, our police force is known as An Garda Síochána, or simply the Gardaí.).

European-Wide Emergency Number:
If you plan to travel within Dublin or throughout the EU, remember that 112 is a European-wide emergency number and can be dialed free of charge in all EU member states. In the UK, both 112 and 999 are valid emergency numbers..

When to Make the Call:
Only use 112 or 999 for genuine emergencies, such as situations involving immediate danger to life, health, property, or the environment. Don’t hesitate to make the call yourself if you find yourself in such a situation..

Teach Your Children:
Ensure that your children are aware of whom to contact in an emergency. This knowledge can be invaluable in critical situations..

Making the Emergency Call:
When dialing 999, specify which emergency service you require: the Gardaí (police), the ambulance service, or the fire brigade. If you’re uncertain, the operator will guide you based on the information you provide..

Providing Location Information:
Be prepared to provide your exact address when making the call. If you’re calling from home, having your Eircode on hand can significantly expedite the process, helping the National Emergencies Operations Centre locate you quickly..

Reporting Non-Emergency Incidents:
If you need to report a non-emergency crime or seek assistance that is not urgent, contact your local Garda station. In Dublin city center, you can reach Store Street Garda Station at 00 353 (1) 661 0562, and Pearse Street Garda at 00 353 (1) 666 9000..

Tourist Assistance Service:
Visitors to Dublin can contact the Tourist Assistance Service at 1890 365 700. This service is equipped with a multilingual team that assists travelers who have experienced crime while visiting Ireland.

Additional Helplines:
During challenging times, it’s reassuring to know that support is available. Consider saving these helplines in your phone:.

Samaritans (available 24/7): 116 123 or chat online.
Childline (for young people): 1800 66 66 66, offering free live messaging and text service..

By being aware of these important contacts and safety tips, you can ensure your well-being in Dublin. Remember to also save the main Garda station phone numbers for your reference:.

Pearse Street Garda Station, Dublin 2: (01) 666 9000
Store Street Garda Station, Dublin 1: (01) 666 8000
Kevin Street Garda Station: (01) 666 9400
O’Connell Street Garda Station: (01) 666 8000