4.4 stars


  St Michaels Hill Christ Church, Dublin 8

  Ph: (01) 679 4611

  Hours:   Open 7 days

                   10 am to 16.00 pm


   Adult €15 ;

   Child (3-12) €7.50

  Child (under 3’s)  FREE

  Family (2 adults + 2 children(3-12) ) €37 

  Family (1 adult + 2 children(3-12) ) €25

  Additional child:  €6  

  Student €13.50

  Seniors €13.50  

  For info:  Website:             


  ✨Dublinia is a historical recreation museum located in Dublin, Ireland, that focuses on the Viking and Medieval history of the city. Dublinia is situated in part of Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral, called the Synod hall.

 ✨Dublinia is a historical reenactment park featuring Vikings and Medieval Dubliners (in full costume) that encourages visitors to join in on the fun! With different events and exhibits happening all year round, there’s something for everyone at Dublinia.

 ✨The town has been designed to look like it was plucked right out of the Viking or Medieval era with houses, street scenes, and other buildings from those times.

 ✨The exhibition was opened in 1993 and was redeveloped in 2010. The redevelopment cost a total of €2 million.

✨Since 2010, the museum has been attracting over 125,000 visitors each year.

  ✨Visit Dublinia to travel back in time to the Viking age! Book your tickets online now and explore the heart of the old city at Christchurch.

 ✨Dublinia is not only a great learning experience for all ages, but it’s also a lot of fun!