Richmond Barracks
4.6 stars

Richmond Barracks: An Emblem of Dublin’s Heritage.

Richmond Barracks, located in Inchicore, holds a prominent place in the annals of Irish history. This historic edifice now houses a library, garden, and Culture Connects, a program designed to celebrate the diverse experiences and interests of the local community. At Richmond Barracks, a world of cultural activities awaits, from engaging tours and informative talks to hands-on workshops..

One of the noteworthy offerings is the Walking Tour, held every Thursday and Saturday at 11 am. The journey takes you on a captivating exploration of Dublin’s rich historical and political landscape. Commencing at Richmond Barracks, which dates back to 1810, visitors delve into its profound legacy as one of Ireland’s most significant army barracks. It played a pivotal role, serving as the residence and training ground for every regiment of the British army during its century-long history. However, Richmond Barracks is perhaps most renowned for its association with the leaders of the 1916 Rising, who were held and court-martialed here before their solemn march to execution in the nearby Kilmainham Gaol..

This remarkable walk traces the footsteps of these men while unveiling the hidden histories and local heroes who have indelibly shaped Irish culture and history. Accompanied by professional tour guides, you’ll delve into the lives of poets, patriots, and the countless stories that have made Richmond Barracks an integral part of Irish heritage.