Hi there, I'm Oliver O' Gara the owner and developer of mrdublinguide. It has been my pleasure, and hard work, to develop this site with all its categories and changes. Dublin has changed and is constantly changing with the times and a new modern city is emerging

When I first took over the website in 2018, Dublin was a different place than now.

The site was offline pretty much since then, as I wanted to make a new type of site that can be for all of us, and not just a "very good guide for tourists", as it was.

My inclusion of doctors, childcare, hotels, student accommodation, and even vets, etc.... is no accident as I want the site to be a "handy guide" for us all is these ever demanding times

I will still be adding more things and categories as I go along and I also welcome feedback from visitors who can contact me by email at: helpdesk@mrdublinguide.ie

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my "About Us" page and I hope you will enjoy mrdublinguide going into the future.

"Gameball" Oliver