Best Carvery Food in Dublin

The Best Carvery Food in Dublin offers a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Carvery food typically includes a range of options such as roast meats, vegetables, and gravy. The benefits of dining at a carvery include a filling meal that is perfect for those looking for comfort food. Additionally, carveries often use locally sourced ingredients that are fresh and flavorful. By dining at one of the Best Carvery Food locations in Dublin, clients can enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal that is ideal for families, friends, and colleagues. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere of carvery pubs and hotel restaurants also makes them the perfect location for special occasions or gatherings.

1 The Duke Dublin

4.4 stars from 2.2k+ Google reviews

Irish pub Carvery

9 Duke St, Dublin 2, D02 NR76

  Ph: (01) 679 9553

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Trusted Suppliers and Quality Produce
At The Duke Dublin Carvery, they understand that the key to exceptional food lies in the quality of the ingredients. That's why they source all their produce from trusted suppliers who share their commitment to excellence. From locally sourced meats to farm-fresh vegetables, they prioritize freshness and flavor in every dish they serve.

Their dedication to quality extends to every aspect of their menu. Whether you're enjoying a hearty plate of tender roast pork or savoring the flavors of a vegetarian option, you can rest assured that each bite is crafted with care and attention to detail.

A Perfect Environment for Various Occasions The Duke Dublin Carvery is more than just a place to satisfy your hunger. It is a warm and inviting environment suitable for a variety of occasions. If you're looking for a venue to impress clients or enjoy a business lunch, The Duke offers a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Their attentive staff will ensure you have a seamless dining experience, allowing you to focus on your discussions or seal that important deal.

Families are also welcome at The Duke. their spacious dining area can accommodate groups of all sizes, and their friendly staff will go above and beyond to make your family meal memorable. Whether it's a special celebration or a casual gathering.

2 Madigan's Earl Street

4.4 stars from 1.4k+ Google reviews

Pub & Carvery Lunch

25 N Earl St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 KX67

  Ph: (01) 874 0646

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Madigan’s Earl Street is a traditional Irish pub that offers a delightful food carvery experience and is renowned for serving great Irish food throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. The pub is a hub of lively entertainment, featuring live Irish music every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, making it an ideal destination for locals and tourists alike..

Food Carvery:
Madigan’s Earl Street boasts a food carvery that caters to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast to start your day, a comforting lunch to refuel, or a satisfying dinner to end the evening, the carvery has you covered. The menu typically features a selection of classic Irish dishes, including succulent roast meats, flavorful stews, and delectable pies. The carvery setup allows patrons to choose their preferred meats and accompaniments, ensuring a personalized and fulfilling meal..

Great Irish Food:
The emphasis on serving great Irish food is evident in the quality and taste of the dishes. The pub takes pride in sourcing fresh, locally-produced ingredients, ensuring that each meal reflects the authentic flavors of Ireland. From traditional favorites like Irish stew and shepherd’s pie to modern twists on classic dishes, Madigan’s Earl Street offers a variety of options that cater to different palates..

Live Irish Music:
The addition of live Irish music adds to the pub’s vibrant atmosphere and enhances the overall dining experience. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or fellow travelers, the live music creates a convivial ambiance that is sure to put a smile on your face. The talented musicians often play traditional tunes that celebrate Ireland’s musical heritage, adding a touch of authenticity to the dining experience..

Service and Atmosphere:
The pub’s welcoming and friendly staff contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their attentive service ensures that guests feel comfortable and well taken care of during their visit. The combination of good food, live music, and excellent service creates an enjoyable and memorable dining experience that leaves a positive impression on patrons..

Madigan’s Earl Street is a must-visit destination for those seeking a traditional Irish pub experience that celebrates great Irish food and live music. The food carvery offers a range of delicious options, showcasing the best of Irish flavors, while the live Irish music adds a touch of charm and entertainment to the pub’s atmosphere. Whether you’re a local looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a meal with friends or a visitor wanting to immerse yourself in Irish culture, Madigan’s Earl Street is the perfect place to indulge in the delights of Ireland.

3 The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill

4.3 stars from 2.4k+ Google reviews

Bar & grill

72-74 Parnell St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 ND00

  Ph: (01) 878 3380

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The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill offers a delightful experience that combines a historic ambiance with a modern touch. As you enter the three-storey pub, you’re immediately drawn to the beautifully crafted mosaic floor and the comfortable leather booths that invite you to settle in and enjoy your time..

The selection of ales at The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill is impressive. From local brews to international favorites, there’s something to suit every palate. The bar staff are knowledgeable and passionate about their offerings, providing helpful recommendations for those unsure of what to try. The ales are well-kept and served at the right temperature, ensuring a satisfying pint with each order..

For cocktail enthusiasts, this place doesn’t disappoint. The mixologists here are creative and skilled, crafting unique concoctions that are both visually stunning and delicious. Whether you prefer classic cocktails or adventurous blends, the cocktail menu at The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill caters to all tastes. Don’t hesitate to try their signature cocktails, as they often showcase a twist that sets them apart from the usual fare..

The grill section of the menu is the true highlight of the dining experience. The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill takes pride in their selection of meats and the art of grilling. From perfectly cooked steaks to tender ribs and juicy burgers, each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. The flavors are rich and satisfying, making it a haven for meat lovers. However, they also offer vegetarian and seafood options, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy..

The three-storey setup of the pub offers various atmospheres for different preferences. Whether you want a cozy and intimate setting or a livelier vibe with friends, you can find the perfect spot. The historical elements add a unique charm, creating a sense of stepping back in time while still enjoying modern amenities..

Rooftop Bar:
The rooftop bar is the crowning jewel of The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill. With picturesque views of the surrounding area, it provides an excellent place to relax and unwind. The rooftop setup offers a breath of fresh air and is perfect for summer evenings or clear nights when you can gaze at the stars while sipping your drink..

Overall, The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a well-rounded experience that combines great ales, inventive cocktails, and mouthwatering grills. The atmosphere and friendly service add to the overall charm, making it an excellent choice for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

4 Sinnotts Bar

4.3 stars from 2.1k+ Google reviews

Sports bar Carvery

King St S, Dublin

  Ph: (01) 478 4698

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Sinnotts Bar, located on King Street in Dublin, is a quintessential traditional Irish pub that promises a lively atmosphere and a great time. This popular establishment is known for being the go-to spot for sports enthusiasts, especially during major GAA, football, and rugby matches. If you’re looking for a place to watch your favorite team play while enjoying some good food, drinks, and camaraderie, Sinnotts Bar won’t disappoint..

Carvery Food:
The food carvery at Sinnotts Bar is a delightful experience for those seeking a hearty and filling meal. The carvery selection typically includes a variety of traditional Irish dishes, such as succulent roast meats like beef, lamb, and turkey, complemented by a selection of flavorful gravies. The servings are generous, ensuring that you won’t leave hungry. The accompanying sides, which often feature creamy mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and buttery carrots, perfectly complement the main dishes. Overall, the carvery offerings provide a wholesome taste of Irish comfort food that is sure to satisfy..

The atmosphere at Sinnotts Bar is electric, especially during major sports events. The place is usually packed to the brim with enthusiastic sports fans, creating an energetic and vibrant ambiance. The camaraderie among patrons, as they cheer for their teams and celebrate the highs and lows of the match, is infectious and adds to the overall experience. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply enjoy the excitement of a crowded pub, Sinnotts Bar provides an authentic Irish pub atmosphere that makes every visit memorable..

In addition to the great food, Sinnotts Bar offers an extensive selection of drinks to complement your meal or enhance your sporting experience. From a wide range of beers, including popular Irish brews and international favorites, to a variety of spirits and liquors, there’s something to suit every taste. The bar staff are friendly and efficient, ensuring that you’re never left waiting too long for your drink, even during busy times..

Despite being a bustling spot, the service at Sinnotts Bar is generally commendable. The staff are accustomed to handling large crowds during sporting events, and they manage to maintain a friendly and attentive approach. However, during peak hours, especially when there’s a big match, it’s advisable to be patient as the wait times for both food and drinks can be a bit longer..

Sinnotts Bar is a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and those looking for an authentic Irish pub experience. The delicious carvery food, wide selection of drinks, and vibrant atmosphere ensure a memorable time with friends or fellow sports fans. Just be prepared for the crowds during major matches, as this popular pub is a magnet for those seeking a lively place to enjoy their favorite sports.

5 Madigan's O'Connell Street

4.3 stars from 2k+ Google reviews

Irish pub

19 O'Connell Street Upper, North City, Dublin 1, D01 E796

  Ph: (01) 874 3692

madigans o connell street carvery (1)

Madigan’s O’Connell Street in Dublin is a delightful restaurant that offers a satisfying food carvery experience, with a particular focus on seafood chowder, shepherd’s pie, and prawns. Situated in a bustling location, it attracts locals and tourists alike who are in search of delicious and hearty Irish fare..

Seafood Chowder:
Madigan’s seafood chowder is a standout dish that should not be missed. The rich and creamy chowder is brimming with an array of fresh seafood, including succulent pieces of fish, plump prawns, tender squid, and flavorful mussels. The blend of seafood is perfectly complemented by a well-balanced mix of vegetables and herbs, adding depth to the dish. Served with a slice of freshly baked bread, the seafood chowder at Madigan’s is a comforting and flavorsome option, particularly for those looking to savor the taste of the sea..

Shepherd’s Pie:
The shepherd’s pie at Madigan’s is a classic Irish favorite done right. The dish features a generous layer of savory minced lamb, cooked with onions, carrots, and peas, topped with a smooth and creamy layer of mashed potatoes. The flavors come together harmoniously, offering a satisfying and filling meal that is sure to warm the heart and please the palate. This traditional comfort food is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to providing authentic Irish cuisine..

For seafood lovers, Madigan’s prawns are a delightful treat. The prawns are prepared to perfection, cooked just right to retain their natural sweetness and tenderness. Whether served as a starter or part of a main course, the prawns at Madigan’s are sure to impress with their simplicity and delicious taste. Accompanied by a zesty dipping sauce or served with a fresh salad, the prawns make for a mouthwatering addition to the menu..

The ambiance at Madigan’s O’Connell Street is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or family. The restaurant’s interior features a comfortable and charming setting, adorned with tasteful decor that exudes a welcoming Irish charm. The friendly and attentive staff add to the overall positive dining experience, ensuring guests feel well taken care of during their visit..

Madigan’s O’Connell Street is a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of authentic Irish cuisine, with a particular emphasis on delectable seafood chowder, shepherd’s pie, and prawns. The quality of the food, combined with the warm and inviting ambiance, creates a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of Ireland’s culinary delights. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Dublin, Madigan’s is a fantastic choice for a hearty and satisfying meal that celebrates the best of Irish flavors.

6 Wynn's Hotel Dublin

4.3 stars from 1.9k+ Google reviews

3-star hotel Carvery

35-39 Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin 1, D01 C9F8

  Ph: (01) 874 5131

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Located on Abbey Street Lower in Dublin, The Playwright Restaurant at Wynn’s Hotel is a hidden gem that offers a delightful food carvery experience. Stepping into the restaurant, you are immediately transported back in time to the early 1900s, with its original style and grace tastefully preserved. The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a sense of elegance and nostalgia, setting the perfect stage for a memorable dining experience..

Seasonal Menus and Irish Cuisine:
The restaurant’s Executive Irish Chef, Michael Wall, takes great pride in creating seasonal menus that showcase the best of Irish cuisine. The emphasis on using mostly Irish and Organic produce reflects a commitment to supporting local farmers and producers while ensuring the freshest ingredients for each dish. This dedication to sourcing local and organic produce not only contributes to the flavors of the meals but also promotes sustainable and responsible dining..

Food Carvery:
The food carvery at The Playwright Restaurant is a true highlight of the dining experience. With a range of mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including classic Irish favorites and contemporary twists, there is something for everyone. The carvery setup allows diners to customize their plates with their preferred selection of meats, vegetables, and accompaniments, ensuring a satisfying and personalized meal..

Irish Cuisine:
The emphasis on Irish cuisine shines through in each dish. From traditional favorites like tender Irish lamb stew and hearty bacon and cabbage to more modern interpretations of Irish classics, the menu pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of the Emerald Isle. The Chef’s creativity is evident in every plate, as flavors are expertly balanced and presented with an artistic touch..

Service and Atmosphere:
The Playwright Restaurant at Wynn’s Hotel exudes an air of refined elegance, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or a sophisticated meal with loved ones. The attentive and friendly staff contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of throughout their dining experience..

The Playwright Restaurant at Wynn’s Hotel is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic Irish food carvery experience in a setting that harks back to the early 1900s. The dedication to using locally sourced, organic produce elevates each dish, providing a taste of Ireland’s finest flavors. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Irish cuisine or simply looking to savor a memorable meal in a charming ambiance, The Playwright Restaurant at Wynn’s Hotel is sure to exceed your expectations.

7 O'Neills Pub & Kitchen

4.2 stars from 7.4k+ Google reviews

Irish pub Carvery

2 Suffolk St, Dublin 2, D02 KX03

  Ph: (01) 679 3656

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O’Neills Pub & Kitchen, located on Suffolk Street in Dublin, is a fantastic establishment that offers a delightful food carvery experience. The pub prides itself on its wide selection of both traditional and contemporary Irish food, catering to a diverse range of tastes. Additionally, O’Neills Pub & Kitchen boasts an impressive array of local craft beers, making it a haven for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike..

Food Carvery:
The food carvery at O’Neills Pub & Kitchen is a true highlight of the dining experience. With a variety of traditional Irish dishes and innovative modern offerings, there’s something to please every palate. The carvery features succulent roast meats, such as tender beef, juicy chicken, and flavorful pork, which are cooked to perfection. The accompaniments are equally impressive, with an assortment of delicious vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, and delectable sauces that complement the main dishes harmoniously. The food is presented with care, reflecting the pub’s dedication to both taste and aesthetics..

Wide Selection of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Food:
O’Neills Pub & Kitchen caters to those seeking a taste of Ireland’s culinary heritage as well as those who appreciate contemporary twists on classic dishes. From hearty Irish stews and traditional shepherd’s pie to innovative fusion dishes that blend Irish flavors with international influences, the menu offers a diverse and exciting range of options. This commitment to culinary diversity ensures that guests have the opportunity to explore both timeless favorites and exciting new culinary creations..

Large Range of Local Craft Beers:
For beer enthusiasts, O’Neills Pub & Kitchen is a paradise. The pub boasts an extensive collection of local craft beers, providing a perfect accompaniment to the delicious food offerings. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and refreshing ales, the selection of craft beers caters to a wide range of tastes. The knowledgeable staff are often happy to recommend beer pairings that complement the flavors of the dishes, enhancing the overall dining experience..

Atmosphere and Service:
The ambiance at O’Neills Pub & Kitchen is inviting and friendly, capturing the essence of a traditional Irish pub. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the attentive and courteous service, ensures that guests feel at home and well-cared for during their visit. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or colleagues, O’Neills Pub & Kitchen provides a pleasant environment for enjoying good food, great beers, and lively conversations..

O’Neills Pub & Kitchen on Suffolk Street, Dublin, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful food carvery experience that showcases the best of traditional and contemporary Irish cuisine. The wide selection of dishes, complemented by an impressive range of local craft beers, ensures a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. With its inviting atmosphere and excellent service, O’Neills Pub & Kitchen promises to be a delightful spot for food and beer enthusiasts alike.