EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum: A Comprehensive Tourist Guide

Are you planning to visit Ireland and explore its rich history and culture? Don't miss the chance to visit EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, one of the most interactive and informative museums in Dublin. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of the museum, highlighting its main exhibits and features, and provide you with tips and recommendations to make the most out of your visit.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a state-of-the-art museum located in Dublin's Docklands district, in the heart of the city. The museum explores the stories of Irish emigrants and their impact on the world, covering various themes such as history, culture, music, literature, politics, and sports. With its interactive displays, immersive exhibitions, and engaging multimedia, the museum offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

History of Irish Emigration
The museum's first exhibition, the "Journey" section, takes visitors through the history of Irish emigration, from the 10th century to the present day. Using innovative technology, including 3D displays and projections, visitors can explore the different reasons why the Irish left their homeland, such as famine, poverty, war, and adventure. The exhibition also highlights the destinations of Irish emigrants, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and their contributions to these countries.

Themes and Interactive Exhibits
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum features 20 galleries, each dedicated to a specific theme related to Irish emigration. Some of the themes include "Identity", "Motivation", "Opportunity", "Influence", and "Connection". Each gallery contains interactive exhibits, such as touchscreens, holograms, and virtual reality, that allow visitors to engage with the stories and achievements of Irish emigrants.

Famous Irish Emigrants
The museum pays tribute to some of the most famous Irish emigrants, who have made significant contributions to the world in various fields. The "Achievement" section features exhibits dedicated to individuals such as Barack Obama, Michael Flatley, and Oscar Wilde, showcasing their impact on politics, dance, and literature, respectively. Visitors can learn about their life stories and see artifacts related to their achievements.

Irish Culture and Heritage
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum also celebrates Irish culture and heritage, highlighting the country's rich traditions in music, art, literature, and sports. The "Celebration" section features exhibits on famous Irish writers, such as James Joyce and W.B. Yeats, and musicians, such as U2 and Sinead O'Connor. Visitors can also learn about Gaelic sports, such as hurling and Gaelic football, and their role in Irish culture.

Tips and Recommendations
To make the most out of your visit to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, here are some tips and recommendations:

Allow at least two hours for your visit, as there is a lot to see and do. Download the museum's app before your visit, which provides a self-guided tour and additional information about the exhibits.
Attend the live performances and events that take place regularly in the museum's theatre.
Don't miss the opportunity to take a souvenir photo at the end of your visit, with your own personalized emigrant passport.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a must-visit attraction in Dublin, offering a unique and engaging experience for anyone interested in Irish history, culture, and heritage. Whether you are an Irish descendant, a history enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, the museum will take you on a journey through the stories and achievements of Irish emigrants, and leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their legacy
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   EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

  The Chq Building, Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1

  Ph: (01) 906 0861

  Hours:   Open 7 days

                   10 am to 17.00 pm


   Adult (18-64)  €17.50

  Child (6-12)  €8.50

  Infants (5 and under)  FREE

  Teenager (13-17)  €11.50 

   Student (with valid ID)  €15.50

  Seniors (65+)  €16 

  Website:  https://epicchq.com/



  ✨EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is located in Dublin’s Docklands and provides a comprehensive history of the Irish diaspora and emigration.

 ✨It has been voted “Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction” at the 2019, 2020 and 2021 World Travel Awards

 ✨When EPIC opened in 2016, the Irish Independent reported that 15 million euros had been invested in the project.

 ✨The museum was described as “the world’s first fully digital museum” with 120,000 visitors in its first year. In 2018,

✨The exhibition comprises twenty galleries, each with its own distinct theme falling under the broad categories of Migration

  ✨For instance, the Migration galleries trace Irish migration patterns from 500 AD onward, exploring themes such as religious missionary work, the Irish famine, religious and social persecution, criminal transportation, and the effects of Irish involvement in foreign conflicts. 

 ✨So, explore and familiarise yourself, in an interactive way with Irish history by visiting the EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum)

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EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

4.6 stars google rating

Irish history should never be a long list of names and dates, it should be an experience. Get hands on with Irish culture and its past with our fully interactive museum – swipe through video galleries, dance through motion sensor quizzes, listen to remastered audio from 100 years ago and watch videos that bring Irish history to life. At EPIC you’ll discover the far reaching influence of Irish history, and the impact the 10 million Irish men and women who left Ireland had on the world.

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